We are delighted to welcome Sam Herman as a Guest Artist, at London Glassblowing, during our Spring Open House, which runs from Friday 23rd March to Sunday 1st April. 
This year is the 50th anniversary of the Studio Glass Movement and Sam, one of Harvey Littleton’s first students at Wisconsin University, was at the very start of it all.  He came to Britain on a Fulbright Scholarship to study glass cold working techniques, and subsequently headed the Glass Department at the Royal College of Art from late 1967 to 1974. 

Among Sam’s many achievements are a major show at the Victoria & Albert Museum in 1971, establishing the Glasshouse in Covent Garden to give his graduating students an opportunity to develop their work in a studio environment, and helping to develop the now vibrant glass scene in Australia. Having taught many glass ‘greats’ in the past, Sam has in recent years pursued other art forms and we are excited to be able to have this rare opportunity to show new work made in our studio.

Philippe Garner, now head of 20th Century Contemporary Arts at Sotheby's has written:
‘Herman is an inventive and inspired glass artist who has forged a distinctive style, which expresses in a lyrical manner, the magical qualities of glass in its liquid state.’

Sam will be demonstrating, with Layne Rowe assisting, on Saturday 24th and Saturday 31st March between 11.00 am and 4.00 pm.  Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see him at work.

Please scroll down to view examples of work he has created in our studio recently. Prices of Sam's work range from £700.


The rich bronze backdrop to this piece is indicative of Sam’s work. This marvellous background colour changes hue depending on the light intensity in which it is viewed. The focal point of this piece however, is the layered, almost mosaic quality of the pattern applied to the surface in metal leaf, and coloured cane.

Sam is well known for his abstract figurative interpretations, and nowhere is that inspiration more evident than in this piece. The contemplative celadon of the main body is lined with the lightest of forest greens, giving the piece an almost Kimono quality. A piece worthy of quiet reflection. 

A sumptuous and animated piece. The vigorous grass green fades through to a beautifully tranquil ocean green towards the base. The entire effect is further enhanced with the addition of surface texture highlighted in metal leaf, and solid coloured cane.

The drama of this piece stems from its opacity. A mesmerising sky blue backdrop acts as a canvass for the almost painterly textured scene on the surface. A piece of unexpected complexity which exhibits different characteristics whether it be viewed during daylight, or at night

A piece of utter flamboyance, and viewed best in strong natural light. The energetic, almost luminous pinks , are quietened by the addition of surface texture in deep amber hues. A real statement piece.

The underlying bronze base colour gives way to regions of deepest orange when displayed in strong daylight. However, the eye is particularly drawn to the flash of pattern around the shoulders of the piece. A wonderful example of Sam’s creative skill.

This piece comes directly from Sam’s very own personal collection. An introspective duo of midnight purple, and transparent teal provides a haunting background for the layers of metal leaf applied to the surface, reminiscent of shredded fabric draped over a spectral form.

One of Sam’s newest creations, this piece is especially dynamic. Perfectly balanced, this magnificent freeformed piece exhibits an incredible sense of figurative movement, which is further enhanced by the spring like tones of green, coupled with flashes of metal leaf and intensely coloured cane.



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