Alison Kinnaird Lead Image'EXIT'  : Alison Kinnaird, 'Exit' 50 cm h x 110 w x 18 d. Optical glass panel, wheel and sandblast engraved, LED lighting with dichroic colour.

Luminaries: pioneers in their field                        

7th June to 30th June 2012

One of the most important gallery exhibitions of studio glass of the decade!

This invitational exhibition includes the work of a number of Britain’s leading artists in glass, all of whom enjoy major international reputations. Peter Layton, founder and director of London Glassblowing Studio and Gallery, says ‘I am thrilled these artists have agreed to be in this show, and look forward to such a fine collection of work in one space.’

The timing of this show is significant; it marks the 50th anniversary of the Studio Glass Movement as well as the 35th anniversary of London Glassblowing Studio – one of the longest running in Europe. The range of work spans most of the major genres of glass art including cast, blown and engraved work in sculptural, decorative and architectural spheres.

The artists Alison Kinnaird and Katharine Coleman are among the scions of glass engraving. Colin Reid is considered to be one of the world’s finest glass casters. Sam Herman, originally from America and one of the pioneers of hot glass, is credited with bringing studio glass to the UK. The Dutch artist Peter Bremers, well known on the international exhibition circuit, has been included because of his extraordinary work with the Graal technique. Anna Dickinson, a graduate of the Royal College of Art, creates sculptural vessels combining precious metals with precise cut glass forms. Peter Layton, originally discovered glass while teaching ceramics at the University of Iowa, and although self taught, has been at the forefront of the British Studio Glass Movement for almost four decades. Peter works principally in blown glass. Keith Cummings, another of the father figures of British glass art, works on an intimate scale, often combining cast metal and glass elements.

All of these artists have achieved eminence in the field of glass art and become leading influences and mentors for future generations. This show is a fantastic overview of the studio glass movement and a great opportunity to buy a future collectible. 

Peter Bremers1

Peter Bremers, Antarctic Splendour

Peter Bremers2

Peter bremers, Cast work

Katharine Coleman1

Katharine Coleman, Yellow Waterlily V

Katharine Coleman2

Katharine Coleman, Sakura Kimono Vase

 Keith Cummings1 

keith cummings, last 

 Keith Cummings2

keith cummings, dawn

 Anna Dickinson1

Anna Dickinson, lidded vessel

 Anna Dickinson2

 Anna Dickinson, round vessel

 Sam Herman1

Sam herman, blue vase with leaf

 Sam Herman2

sam herman, asymmetric form

 Alison Kinnaird1

alison Kinnaird, apartment blocks 



Alison Kinnaird2

alison kinnaird, storm 




peter layton, Weapons of Mass Destruction


Peter Layton2

peter layton, hearts

 Colin Reid1


colin reid, untitled colour saturation

 Colin Reid2

colin reid, r1584a optical cast crescent