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SUMMER Open House & SALE

13th - 22nd  July

Our Summer Open House is a fantastic opportunity to brighten up, what until now, has been a typically dreary English summer. At this ten day event, we are converting part of our Bermondsey Street gallery into a treasure trove of Peter Layton’s free blown glass at extraordinarily reasonable prices. These are hand-picked studio pieces which present a golden opportunity to acquire Peter’s work below our usual prices.

In our main gallery you will be able to view new work by Peter - his amazing Memories wall installation, if you haven't already seen it, and his Poppy vases. We also have new, exciting work by Shelley James and Sally Fawkes, two of Britain's brightest glass talents. Although we have recently sold Colin Reid's work extremely well in our Luminaries show, we may still have a few of his amazing pieces. Colin really is one of the best and most affordable cast glass makers in the world - no kidding!


In tune with the current Olympic fever, we are holding a Compendium of interactive Glass Games - come to our Open House and join in a game of glass solitaire, marbles or chess...... We look forward to challenging you!

During our Open Houses, we are open seven days a week, giving you extra time to visit over the weekends. 

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Sally Fawkes, remote motion

Sally casts with clear optical glass, exploring the metaphoric possibilities of place and complex ‘living spaces’ in cast glass. The glass is given an extra dimension through the use of cutting, engraving, mirror coatings and opaque coloured edges.

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Shelley James, Matrix Series

The Matrix Series is a development of Shelly's body of research into the way the brain makes sense of the information it receives from the eye. The objects contain multiple matrices of tiny encapsulated bubbles.



peter layton, Chess set

The hot formed handmade glass chess pieces are created from Peter Layton’s signature range Glacier. Beautiful to handle, the pieces have been etched to create a matt surface, which creates a silken texture. The board is handcrafted in goatskin and vellum by Gavin Rookledge. This is an exceptional collector’s item.

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Colin Reid, Colour Saturation

Colin Reid is regarded as a pioneer in the field of kilncast glass. He exhibits internationally and has work in over 45 museum collections worldwide. He has undertaken many public and private commissions, often combining glass with other media such as metal, stone or wood.