Anthony Scala

Anthony Scala is a master cold worker. Trained in the delicate intricacies of architectural model-making he takes cold glass forms and expertly cuts, slices and reshapes the pieces with astonishing precision until the work emerges as a different entity entirely. He has worked at London Glassblowing under Peter Layton’s guidance for over 13 years and his unique technical style won him international recognition as early as 2005, when he become the youngest artist ever to win the prestigious Glass Sellers Award.


His work is immensely complex and intellectual, geometrically precise and pre-conceived, always striving towards illusory effects that can only be created by someone with a true understanding of the optical laws of light dispersion and refraction. Much of his inspiration comes from his fascination with naturally formed crystalline structures, elegant and deceptively simple forms that, ‘upon closer inspection are in fact geometric building blocks, locked together with perfect uniformity and it is this idea I seek to realise in my work.’


Anthony’s work is also a game of light and shadow, creating colours within his work that appear to be embodied within the glass but prove to be illusory from different perspectives. He controls and manipulates the conditions and forms to allow light, which exists without mass or substance, to produce shifting qualities of solidity within the perceived image. ‘It is these optical shifts in perception that have come to dominate my work, and are an infinite source of inspiration.’ His work varies from sharp striking forms, to soft ambient impressions of presence, which leave the viewer spellbound by the skill of their creator.



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