Jochen Ott

Jochen Ott is a modest master of both hot and cold glass whose attention to detail is unwavering.


He admits he was spellbound by glass as an artistic material when he first explored its potential 12 years ago and decided to study at the Glasfachschule Zwiesel in Bavaria, Germany. The evolutionary, oxymoronic nature of its elemental states, from glowing and fluid to sharp, rigid and fragile, and everything in between has meant his fascination in the medium has never faded. ‘I suppose I see it as something alive, a moving substance that you take in an embryonic form, breathe life into, and then carefully and physically shape its growth.’ His affinity to glass led him to Peter Layton’s London Glassblowing Studios in 2007 where he has become an integral part of the team.


His work is dark and mysterious, often combining deep blacks and reds with precise incisions and cuts, a rough and smooth effect that seems both symbolic and personal. His work examines the cosmic relation and connection of nature’s entities, taking inspiration from naturally textural formations, intrigued by the contradictions and disruptions on the surfaces of rocks and trees. He also notes how he is affected by the ‘movements in everyday life that occur around me.’ Cuts, he points out, could represent opening up and change while scars could be new beginnings or hidden pasts. The juxtaposition of smooth and jagged textures on the surfaces of his pieces tell the story, as he states, ‘friction between movements spark change and this is what I try to question in my work.’

Jochen’s work is undeniably thought provoking, effortlessly cool and mesmerising and as a viewer you cannot help but be moved by the skill of his hand.



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