Neil Wilkin

Neil Wilkin creates exquisite pieces for both interior and exterior spaces. Often inspired by nature and the outdoors, they are designed to fit subtly and dramatically into a natural environment. As one of the major artists working today who focuses largely on glass and metal sculpture designed for both domestic and garden spaces, his fertile imagination and vast experience make his creations innovative and unique.


His work is diverse, intriguing and technically challenging, while the way in which he combines hotworked (at the furnace) and flameworked (at the torch) elements is simply astounding. He frequently refers directly back to the source of his inspiration; clusters of icicles, water droplets, flowers and leaves which recur, yet are produced in the most stunning and unexpected ways, often exhibiting optical effects, reversing imagery to give an upside-down view of the world. Jewel-like, his beautiful objects refract sunlight into myriad rainbow colours. His dazzling use of ambient and applied colour and light is compelling, particularly so in his chandeliers, and in this field too, he is rightly renowned.


He is widely exhibited in this country and abroad, with work in many important private, corporate and public collections.



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