Louis Thompson

Louis Thompson is one of the most exciting and sought after glass artists working in Britain today. Having worked with various masters around the world, he has now blown with Peter Layton at London Glassblowing for over 10 years. During this time he has also completed a prestigious Masters degree at the Royal College of Art and been invited to create installations for various museums and international exhibitions.


His work is largely concept-based, taking an idea and exploring its every possibility by shaping and refining both technique and form. Inspired by an installation he made for the Freud Museum, he began to take great interest in Freud’s writings on dream analysis, creating pieces that combine both scientifically precise apparatus with jars representing captured dreams or emotions. These collections display a sequential narrative; ‘It’s something that’s repeated but not repetitive – taking a form and twisting and distorting it in every way to show the diverse range of possibility of a single object.’


Louis admits that a rigorous four years at the RCA has been key to further development, refocusing on the fundamentals of glass production and the beauty of simplicity. His series ‘Strange Brew’ reveals dysfunctional free blown clear glass objects which, when filled with water, leave the viewer questioning the nature of the material; whether they are full or empty, liquid or solid, open or closed. It is all part of Louis’ desire to make glass a haptic experience, inviting the viewer to be ‘compelled to touch, to discover for themselves the reality of the art works.’ These astonishingly pure works won Louis the Jerwood Maker’s Award in 2012, something he describes as, ‘a fantastic privilege and a great surprise.’



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