Catherine Hough

Catherine Hough is an artist whose longevity and influence on the British glass art scene is a testament to her evolving skill and creativity with cold glass techniques. Having graduated from Stourbridge College of Art over 30 years ago, she is one of the most experienced and respected of British glass artists working today. Her work is included in the Crafts Council Collection and that of numerous museums including the V&A.


Her work is based on free blown glass shapes transformed through the use of cold working techniques, such as carving, cutting and texturing with diamond and carborundum wheels, grinding, polishing and sandblasting. In recent years she has concentrated on non-functional abstract forms, radically carved to reveal their interior space. Through the juxtaposition of these forms and their bases she aims to balance the contrasting characteristics of movement and stillness, weight and balance, line and space.


Most recently she has developed her passion for photography, nature and conservation, with exquisitely engraved images upon the surfaces of single or multiple forms. Using familiar themes such as birds in flight, fish and plants, she explores the unique qualities of glass and the intricacies of line, movement, transparency and reflection. Catherine’s fascination for the medium, its processes and her subject matter has never waned. There are very few artists who are lucky enough to enjoy such continuity and success at the top of their field.



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