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Written by Orry on Tuesday, 13 August 2013 16:45   
    Fiaz Elson: Parallel Verve ll Grn Blk at London Glassblowing       


An Exhibition of Contemporary Cast Glass

 4th October – 2nd November 2013
This fine presentation of dynamic and explorative work in cast glass showcases some of the UK’s most highly regarded glass artists. FORM will examine the use of colour and light, its relationship to interior and exterior space and its importance within the final piece.
The exhibition, which includes kiln-cast and lost-wax glass forms, illustrates the broad spectrum of techniques and finishes applied by these cutting-edge artists. Compare and contrast the unique graduated colours of Sabrina Cant’s abstract forms with Max Jacquard’s rich, sculptural narratives; the forceful synergy of Fiaz Elson’s command of polishing effects with the architectural refractive sculptures of Anthony Scala.
'FORM' participating artists: Sabrina Cant, Shelley Doolan, Fiaz Elson, Max Jacquard, Peter Layton, Yoshiko Okada, Jochen Ott, Bruno Romanelli, Anthony Scala, Angela Thwaites & Jessica Townsend.
All of the work on show will be available for sale. 

     FORM show installation image for site
     Romanelli 560

     FORM reminder gallery shot 560
     Jochen Ott Brother and Sister crop 560 

     Wide shot of FORM show 560 px
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