Layne Rowe

My journey in glass began nineteen years ago at the University of Central Lancashire, where I gained an Honours Degree in 3D Design, specialising in hot glass.

For the next seven years I worked with a number of inspirational glassmakers at Peter Layton’s London Glassblowing. Subsequently I set up a glass studio in Brazil and later, another one in Hertfordshire. I rejoined Peter in 2006, with a view to participating fully in the creative atmosphere he generates there, and which would allow me to satisfy my insatiable desire to explore this medium to the limits; its colour, physicality and myriad other qualities, in themselves an inspiration.

Many of my pieces are a synthesis of techniques intended for a harmonious resolution. Created from a complex multi-coloured blank, overlaid with transparent and opaque layers with clear glass, these are carved to create a textured surface exposing strata and veins, as demonstrated in my ‘Scarify’ series.

My most recent work uses glass as a seductive, but provocative medium, using traditional techniques and forms to create violent and threatening objects in a beautiful way - a transformation of something horrific into an emblem of hope and peace – a double take. This body of work is currently touring in the Crafts Council’s exhibition, “Breath Taking.”



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