Memories and Poppies

'Memories' is a poignant conceptual work by Peter Layton, consisting of a wall to floor installation of bright red free-blown poppies. The installation has received a great response from visitors who not only appreciate the beauty of the glass but understand the undertones of the familiar image of the poppy. Peter has worked with themes of war throughout his work, so this is a natural development of previous work “WMD” and another series called “Unforeseen Circumstances”. This is since extended into a new series of vessels, the individual Poppy Vases.


“There are some things we cannot control, or seem unable to prevent, like natural disasters or wars that nobody really wants. The poppy is an international symbol that celebrates the lives of the men and women lost in fighting these wars. In Afghanistan, it is made particularly poignant because the opium trade is a key factor in funding 'the enemy'”

- Peter Layton